Vállalati 802.11n megoldások

Deploying an Enterprise 802.11n Network

Overview of the 802.11n Standard

802.11n is the next generation of Wi-Fi technology. While the final specification is expected to be ratified in the fall of 2008, the Wi-Fi Alliance will start certifying interoperability for 802.11n Draft 2.0 standard products this summer. Draft 2.0 laptops are shipping in volume now and are expected to be software upgradeable to the standard when it is finally ratified.

The IEEE 802.11n standard was conceived with the goal of increasing wireless local area network (WLAN) data throughput to a theoretical level of 540Mbps, or 10 times the speed of 802.11g. Built on OFDM technology used in the 802.11g standard, 802.11n achieves its higher throughput, in part, by increasing channel spectrum from 20MHz to 40MHz. In addition to increasing channel utilization through MAC aggregation techniques, 802.11n also incorporates multiple antennas using a scheme called multiple-input multiple-output antenna technology, or MIMO. MIMO provides spatial diversity and spatial multiplexing for increased range and throughput, respectively.

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